Spring in the New Year!

May your lawn this year be lush, your garden floriforous, your tomatoes red. May you enjoy the sweet smell of soil and experience the joy of sweat dripping off your nose at the end of rewarding project. I hope you find joy in the textures of the landscape and rewards from the sweet scent of a flower’s fragrance. Celebrate the bounty of fresh vegetables and the sensation of a colorful garden. May you also learn to celebrate the failures that teach you to enjoy the successes that much more. You made it to 2010…..congratulations. May the seeds you plant this year all sprout and may they make the lives of those around you better. That’s the great thing about gardening…..hope springs eternal, a fresh start every year. Cultivate it wisely my friend, I look forward to celebrating it with you as we “spring” in the New Year. Happy New Year!

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