Fruitcakes and a SweetSpot

Believe it or not some people love fruitcake and don’t use them as a doorstop. A delicious blend of flour, eggs, sugar, coconut, dates, pineapple, green and red cherries, nuts, raisins and orange slices, this culinary treat shaped like a car tire can often weigh as much as the spare in your car’s trunk. OK, so I exaggerate, but we’ve all heard the stories about fruitcake used as a doorstop or fruitcake re-gifted for years between family members and friends. But what about this story……did you know January 3 is National Fruitcake Toss Day? No Presidential proclamation or act of Congress to back it up but still a date to mark on your calendar. I spoke with Floyd O’Neil Special Events Director for the Manitou Springs Colorado Chamber of Commerce. Manitou Springs sits at the foot of Pikes Peak and is 65 miles south of Denver. An annual event that in 2010 falls on January 9, Manitou Springs celebrates the Fruitcake toss holiday like no one else. It is alleged that in 2007 a group of Boeing engineers were able to “toss” a Fruitcake with the help of an artillery piece fueled by compressed air generated by an exercise bike… get this…..1,420 feet! That’s what you call tossing your cookies (or Fruitcake in this case).

Speaking of holidays and spreading good cheer we haven’t had much good news here in Michigan lately as the economy and unemployment has dominated the news. That’s why I share with you some good news that will brighten your day. To see the full size version of the gorgeous picture posted here, you need to visit the website of artist Ann Teliczan at:

Ann Teliczan is a friend and talented West Michigan artist who has received national recognition from Oprah Winfrey on her website “Breathing Space” for the picture above taken on Bailey Drive here in West Michigan. Having people see Michigan’s beauty is her mission. Frustrated with the negative view some people have of our State of Michigan, Ann took matters into her own hands…..with a camera. At Ann now shares the beauty of Michigan through her eyes. Her photography is a gift to all of us sharing the beauty and wonder around us.

Tell your friends and family about michigansweetspot, share the link and let’s all think positive…….especially in this season of peace, joy and giving.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Rick Vuyst

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