Hoe Hoe Hoe

While preparing the yard for winter I like to string a little electric ivy to spread some good cheer. Most of the gardening year I’m spreading mulch, soil and you know what…..but in November while composting, setting vole traps, deer proofing evergreens, etc. etc. I like to add a little festive night life in the landscape. I wasn’t always this way, as a matter of fact I was more of a Scrooge when it came to tangled light sets, extension cords, fuses, ladders and those strings of dumb big hot light bulbs that would tangle around your legs while you stepped on them. I was like Clark W Griswold, always stretching the limits of how many strings you could consecutively string together without getting into trouble. The electric bill in January wasn’t much fun either. Those memories are ghosts of my Christmas past now that LED lights are available. These beauties are practically indestructible (I’ve stepped on them), cool to the touch for both the installer and the poor plant you’re stringing up…… and very energy efficient (80% more efficient than conventional lights). I can string a number of light strings together without the guilt I used to have! Now it’s Hoe Hoe Hoe in November and December as I light up the landscape Tanenbaums…..Oh Tanenbaum, Oh Tanenbaum, how lovely are your branches!

Oh……and if you’re wondering about the pictures on this page, they are of a 6 foot tall Alberta Spruce that I dressed up with LED lights.

Holding the camera shutter open in the top picture turned the lights into triangle tree shapes.

In the picture to the right they look like musical notes…….

And the swirling picture below……..

Too much Eggnog! Happy decorating everyone!

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