Deck the Halls

The landscape provides an amazing bounty in winter for festive decorating. The colored branches, dried flower heads or berries make a beautiful (and cheap) addition to evergreen branches for potted arrangements, swags, wreaths and porch pots.

The colorful branches of Dogwood like Gold Twig Dogwood pictured to the right or Red Twig Dogwood pictured below provide colorful contrast to evergreen boughs.

Shrub Dogwood in the landscape respond very well to pruning so you get the best of both worlds…..decorations now and a rejuvinated shrub next growing season. I like to use the colorful branches along with dried flower heads from Sedums, Ornamental Grasses and Agastache in my arrangements. The Agastache even when dry have a strong licorice scent.


Of course along with branches and dried flower heads of perennials don’t forget the berries. My favorites are Rose Hips from Rosa Rugosa or other roses.

Flowering crabs, Holly or even Cotoneaster can provide interesting colorful berries for those festive arrangements and porch pots sure to show off when your guests arrive!

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