Out on a limb

I’m not going out on a limb to remind you that October, that month where we’re busy raking leaves, is the perfect month to be feeding trees. fishing and fall 138As the trees are shutting down and dropping their leaves, the roots remain active in the warm soil even though the air temperatures are dropping. A well timed fertilizer application along the drip line of the trees will reap huge benefits next year and down the road for a healthy more stress resistant tree. I like to use fertilizers like Milorganite to feed the roots and benefit the tree with nutrients it needs when it wakes up and actively foliates in spring. Milorganite 001Many organic fertilizers today will feature Mycorrhiza, a natural fungus that acts as an extension of plant roots and aids in taking in healthy nutrients. Espoma Tree Tone is a great choice that I often use in feeding my trees. The bottom line is don’t miss your chance for the most effective time of year to feed trees and shrubs to reap the benefits down the road……apply in the fall as leaves are falling and dreaming for lush growth after the winter season are rooted in our thoughts.

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