Feeling quite Mallow

I love the month of September. Sunny days in the waning days of summer can get you feeling rather mellow in the landscape. You reflect on the spring and summer season past and the end of another growing season. Hibiscus moscheutosThe sun sinks lower in the horizon creating amazing shadows that dance in the garden. One plant that puts on a real show at this time is Hibiscus moscheutos also known as common rose mallow or swamp rose. As it sways in the breeze standing 3 to 4 feet tall with it’s dinner plate size blooms (pictured is Blue River with blooms in my garden about 10 inches across) it can get you feeling rather “mallow” as the summer slowly fades away like the sun setting earlier and earlier every night. Hardy to zone 5 and easy to grow, this perennial puts on a show when many other perennials have exited stage left and are done until the next summer season’s performance.

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