Spitting Image

In the continued effort to keep us all “Bug-wiser” during this gardening season don’t be grossed out if you see this “spitting image” somewhere in your landscape. Spittlebug 1This bug is aptly named Spittlebug. A Spittlebug hides in a mass of froth by turning a liquid secretion into bubbles by moving or pumping their bodies. The froth looks like someone has “hocked a loogie” on one of your prized plants. The reality is the bug is using the froth to hide from predators, insulate from extreme temperatures and keep them from dehydrating. These small wingless green nymphs are next to impossible to find in the bubbles. The “spittle” is not really spit……they secrete it from the back end. They do mimimal if any visible damage to a plant so pest control sprays are not necessary. If this grosses you out just grab a hose and blast the “spitting image” out of your plants!