Clothed as Nature intended

For those of you who don’t consider yourself  “clothes minded” a reminder that World Naked Gardening Day is Saturday May 2. naked-gardeningThis is the 5th annual event and of course here in Michigan it’s weather permitting. Talk about true organic gardening, tending your landscape in your birthday suit is supposed to get you back in touch with your roots and nature. Just don’t get caught with your “plants” down if your neighbors aren’t participating.

Another hot topic is now that tulips, hostas and daylilies have popped up and are added to the buffet of evergreens and burning bush for deer and rabbit feasting, I have a suggested repellent to try. deer-and-rabbit-stopperThe Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) lists it for use and I find it too be much more user friendly than other repellants. Messina Wildlife’s Deer and Rabbit Stopper will work for 30 days with each application. It uses Rosemary and Mint Oil as well as Whole Egg solids and Vinegar. This could be an organic solution for your tasty tulips and help you say…….Not tonight deer!

Finally, here is a list of the 10 most popular vegetables according to a National Gardening Association survey if you’re thinking about planting some veggies in the next few weeks……

The top 10 veggies grown by home gardeners are:

vegetables-0021 Tomatoes

2 Cucumbers

3 Sweet Peppers

4 Beans

5 Carrots

6 Summer Squash

7 Onions

8 Hot Peppers

9 Lettuce

10 Peas

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