Terri’s Tree Topple Tweaked!

Storm Team 8’s Terri DeBoer had a tree topple in windy weather early this winter……then the ground froze. She has lived with this “topiary” at a 45 degree angle all winter. barltlett-45-degree2When Terri called me this winter I knew two things would have to happen……the thermostat would have to thaw the soil and I would call on my friends at Bartlett Tree Experts to correct this tree trouble!I’m not out on a limb when I say this fabulous March weather has been just the ticket.Rescue for Terri’s tenuous tree arrived  when Bartlett Tree Experts pulled into her driveway.bartlett-logo1 Arborists Brian McKenzie and Scott VanWyk worked to straighten the tree and quickly tweak the tree’s position with a tether.barlett-experts-brian-and-scott-toggleGround stakes were used to the west of the tree to provide support from prevailing winds.

bartlett-toggle-2Once the ground stakes were properly positioned it was time to provide support wire, protecting the bark of the tree with sections of hose so the wire would not damage the tree. Brian strategically placed the wire and protective hose into the canopy of the tree. Once the wire was in place and the tree pulled straight, possible because of Terri’s wonderful weather forecbartlett-scott-tightens-wireast this week, it was time to draw the wire tight and in an upright position. Some adjustment may be needed throughout the spring as winds move the tree. A good feeding will be next to help the roots recover from their turbulent tumble and to help stimulate new roots to provide better anchor for future Storm Team 8 weather sure to come. Rick Vuyst will provide the feeding with both a dry (Tree Tone) application and a liquid starter fertilizer because this tree might be “tipsy” but it sure needs a drink. bartlett-brian-scott-success Finally the job is done and Terri’s Tree Topple has turned triumphant thanks to my friends Scott VanWyk (left) and Brian McKenzie (right).

Now let’s just hope Terri keeps forecasting great spring weather!

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