Pig Squeak!

People will often ask me what my favorite plants are, I have a lot of favorites, I can’t choose just one! A perennial that is in my top ten however has to be Bergenia Cordifolia. This perennial is also known as “Pig Squeak” because rubbing the foliage between your thumb and pointer finger can get it to make “pig noises” if you have an imagination.

The spring flowers are the perfect compliment to tulips. Bergenia grows well in the shade and people are always looking for good plants for shady areas. It can grow as an independent perennial slipped in around other plants or can be grown as a ground cover. It is one of the best perennials for fall color in October and November. Best of all with a little practice, you can make it squeak or squeal like a pig, sure to give you, your family and visitors to your landscape “kick in the plants” entertainment!

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