Headline “Snooze”

If you dream of having some new flower beds next spring and summer in some areas where grass is currently growing, there is an easy way. Digging up turf can be a daunting task requiring a strong back and persistence. Don’t throw in the “trowel”! An easy way to create new flower beds without digging up turf is to follow this “receipe” I’ve used frequently in October and November. It involves using some newspaper, preferably black and white print, not glossy color ads. I prefer the Wall Street Journal as you add to your horticultural “hortfolio” placing the newspaper 3 to 4 pages thick on top of the grass. Follow that up with a layer of leaves, then soil on top of the leaves and sprinkle some fertilizer on top. This is a form of “passive” composting as you allow this 4 layer creation to “cook” overwinter under the snow as the landscape sleeps. I call the procedure “Headline Snooze.”  By spring when the landscape wakes up, the grass is dead, and with some tilling you have a new flower bed in an area formerly occupied by turf. Check out my You Tube video that shows you the process in a short video I call “Clippings”……enjoy!