The gurus of grass

The Olympics in Beijing produced many golden, silver and bronze heroes in events like swimming and volleyball, but the “green” medal has to go to MSU Professor of Turf Grass Management Trey Rogers, PhD student Alec Kowalewski, the “gurus of grass, and their team for what they accomplished in China. Think it’s tough to grow grass where you live? Weather conditions including heat and humidity made growing turf for the Bird’s Nest Stadium a challenge that would make most people “stop in the name of the lawn.” How about replacing 4 inch wide divots from shot put events! That’s why China called on the experts at MSU and their international reputation to grow turf in modules and transform the floor of the stadium to a “field of dreams.” The Flowerland show on NewsRadio WOOD 1300 will be interviewing Professor Rogers on Saturday September 6 to talk about this amazing story of “lawn and order.” Here are a couple pictures to give you a “clipping” of this “sod” story. To give credit where credit is due, these pictures come from a blog where you’ll learn more about MSU, Professor Rogers, Alec and others involved in this amazing undertaking. Congratulations to all for their accomplishment, proving that when the “growing gets turf, the turf get growing!” Visit the blog at: