Take a look in your dictionary, the word “spit” can be used as a noun for “spadeful” or the depth of a spade blade as a measure of depth for digging. Usually the word spit is used to describe something else including the contemptible slang “hocking a loogie?” Well if you have some plants in your landscape that look like the weed pictured to the right, don’t blame your neighbor, it’s an interesting insect called spittlebug. The spittlebug is an amazing tiny insect that creates a frothy mass surrounding it for protection. This tiny insect if it were the size of a human being could leap tall buildings in a single bound! Don’t let the “phlegm” bother you, spittlebug does little damage to plants. You can hose it off affected plants if the sight of it makes you uneasy. Just observe the wonders of nature and know that now you’re “bug-wiser!”