Empty Nester

A mama Robin decided to build a nest in a maple tree right outside our bedroom window. It was great to see how she cared for the babies in their nesting cradle. She worked hard delivering a constant supply of insects, sheltering them and voicing her disapproval from a distance when I would get too close shooting pictures.  This baby robin pictured to the right is teetering on the edge of the nest ready to leave. As I understand it, baby robins will often jump from the nest before they can even fly! They practice hopping, walking and testing their wings. Once out of the nest they never return (unlike human teenagers). They start sleeping in sheltered tree areas just like adult robins. This robin at the ripe old age of about 14 days is ready to jump and will have a “crash course” in learning survival skills still under Mom’s watchful eye. If they survive this dangerous time, they’ll learn valuable survival and life skills that will often result in a long life using these instincts as opposed to just “winging it!”