Bird Tales

Checkout Mama Duck protecting her young. It took about 28 days for Mama’s eggs to hatch and now she has to protect them from shoppers until they’re ready to leave the nest. Mama’s eggs hatched this week in her nest, a nest she decided to build right in the middle of the perennial plant display at the Kentwood Flowerland. That’s right, on top of some perennial plants in a covered structure, she sat down a month ago and decided this is where she would make her home and hatch and raise her young. On the left hand side of the picture (to Mama’s right) you’ll see one of the young chicks peeking out from the safety of Mom’s cover. Mom’s feathers get quite ruffled and she let’s you know when you get too close, but the Kentwood store employees put up a sign to warn people and have allowed Mom to nest in her chosen spot which from time to time startles a customer or two. After they realize what’s going on, and Mama Duck realizes no one means her harm, everything settles down and life goes on. We’re hoping soon that Mom takes the chicks for a walk to one of the fountains or ponds for a swim. In the meantime, both the customers and employees at Flowerland have been great in allowing nature to take it’s course making this a “bird tale” with a happy ending! We won’t charge her a “bill” for the perennials she flattened since she’s provided entertainment that has “quacked” us up!