A “nutty” Flower

In June Daylilies pop up everywhere, yet this ubiquitous plant makes up for it’s over exposure with an amazing variety of cultivars because it hybridizes readily. From short to tall and inbetween, in a dizzying array of colors, this plant is a workhorse in the landscape. Recognized in BC Chinese literature, Hemerocallis today is available in “re-blooming” cultivars that continue to bloom through the season as opposed to a one to two week burst. The plant is well known for it’s culinary properties, the flowers arranged on a plate could make Hamburger Helper look fancy. One of my favorite garden writers, Allan Armitage says, “In Japan, the buds and flowers were long eaten in salads, and many people find the tight buds crunchy to the teeth and nutty to the taste.” Adaptable to shade or sun, daylillies will give you a splash of color as we hit the dog days of summer. Consider combining some pink and orange daylillies to light up the landscape or combine some purple and yellow daylillies for a cool shady spot.