Taking care of your little piece of earth

The arrival of Earth Day and Arbor Day, (here in Michigan in the same week), might cause you to reflect on how you’re taking care of your little piece of earth. The founder of Arbor day, J Sterling Morton, was originally from Michigan and founded Arbor day after moving to Nebraska. He understood how rewarding trees are and “went out on a limb” in creating a celebration we observe still today. Plants in general are very rewarding…..plant something, anything, it doesn’t have to be a tree, and it will “root” for you. I saw a sign in a garden center a few years ago that said, “our plants are guaranteed to live, or die trying”. If you’ve struggled with your landscape, (your little piece of earth), don’t throw in the “trowel”! I thought it might be helpful for those who visit my website to share a couple of landscaping tips as we celebrate two of my favorite holidays of the year, Earth day and Arbor Day……happy holidays!

1. A good landscape doesn’t imitate the past but contributes to the future. Plant something that will live on even when you’re gone.  2. A happy healthy plant is better able to resist disease and insect problems. Take care to properly plant, put the plant in an exposure it prefers (noting sun, shade, wind, etc). The plant will reward you by naturally thriving with out needing help from you. 3. Diversity is important in the landscape. Plant all of one type of plant (do ash trees ring a bell here?) and problems will spread like wildfire when they occur. There is strength in embracing diversity in both our lives and in the landscape. 4. Plant something for interest in every season. A good landscape is made up of approximately 1/3rd evergreens. These evergreens are the foundation or bones of a good landscape. They provide winter interest and a habitat for wildlife. 5. A good landscape is one that has a balance between repetition and variety. Again diversity is important, but some repeated elements whether it’s a color or texture is pleasing to the eye as it scans the landscape. 6. Compost your yard waste. Composting is enjoying a resurgence in popularity. As a matter of fact, the compost bin is moving from behind the garage to the center of the landscape today as we work to “take care of our little piece of earth”.

May your compost pile have a rotten day and may your landscaping endeavours root for you!