Naked gardening

                                                    I have a sheltered area in my landscape where Ive tried to grow some marginally hardy plants. My Musa basjoo (Banana) does very well there. I’ve tried to grow some hardy common figs there like Brown Turkey and Celeste. Unfortunately, this past winter it wasn’t the temperatures that got to the fig……Bugs Bunny seems to like the taste of fig bark more than carrots and stripped the fig naked. If my fig tree doesn’t recover I won’t have fig leaves to wear during the heat of summer. Think I’m joking? I found the other day that May 3 is officially World Naked Gardening Day. That’s right, WNGD, a day where we’re encouraged to get in touch with nature and the earth and spend some time in the yard with a pruning shears and a smile. If you’re thinking about participating in this year’s WNGD, I would recommend you take a pass if you’re big into roses or you have a good crop of poison ivy. Talk about getting caught with your plants down!