I just wet my “plants”

We’ve all been anxious to “dive in” to our yards and gardens after a long winter. My garden center friends around the country have been saying the same thing I have…….where’s spring? It looks like it’s finely going to arrive next week, keep your fingers crossed. The picture above is of me diving into a raging river in Canada (and yes that water’s cold). You can just see the top of my head at the top of the picture in the white foaming waters. The guys standing on the ledge were supposed to reach out and catch me if I would just jump in. I jumped, they missed and one minute later I was about 200 yards downstream wondering what happened.

At some point you have to dive in whether you’re ready or not. Don’t get scared now, you can do it, spring is finally here. Dive in, the water’s fine……and don’t lose your “composture”……or you might just wet your “plants.”