Don’t lose your composture!

hellebore-blog.jpgThere comes a point after a long winter that you simply cannot take anymore snow! March is the end of a period in your landscape when no visual change has taken place for months. Suddenly the change happens, and when it does it happens fast!

Three things to do……one, don’t lose your “composture” because spring will come.

Two, take a picture of your landscape now before everything springs to life. If there is something in your landscape you don’t like now, odds are you won’t like it later. Decide to make that change before it’s forgotten when a lot more is going on to distract your attention.

Third, make sure to add plenty of early spring bloomers, like robins they are harbingers of spring and reliably good at cheering your spirits after winter. My two favorites are still Witchhazel and Hellebores or Lenten Rose. Both plants open the door to spring, are tough and will force the issue that were not going to take it anymore! Think Spring!