The ” altitudinous” Alliums

Photographed Allium christophii today. I love how Alliums confidently stand up in the landscape in June. Certainly not shy they stand out. Deer resistant and showy they take an “altitudinous” position in the garden.

Tight shot on Allium christophii
Standing head and shoulders….well….head above the rest.
Also known as Star of Persia

The Phantasmagoric Peony

Photographed these phantasmagorical peonies today thinking wow….. they “have a fantastic appearance, as something in a dream created by the imagination.” 

A phantasmagoric peony on a June afternoon
“Bee-leaf” it…..I’m not the only one to find them phantasmagoric!
Simply “Plantasmagoric” I say…..

Philadelphia Flower Show

Philadelphia Flower Show
Philadelphia Flower Show

Join me in Philadelphia next March for dinner and a day at the Philadelphia Flower Show! I will be in New York that week but will meet up with the touring group on Wednesday night in Philadelphia for dinner together. On Thursday together we will attend the famous Philadelphia Flower Show and on Friday Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell! This trip should be a kick in the plants and I would love to have you join me! Click the picture for more details